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Las Vegas Trade Show Company Process


Once contracted, the Las Vegas Trade Show Company management teams assign your projects to a management team and you will receive an introductory call in under 3 days, depending on your order timeline. Your management team is directly responsible for each element of your project and delivers reporting weekly or daily depending on the complexity of the build.


Our management teams operate within a strict code of accountability and we utilize checks and balances internally to ensure no request goes un noticed and no element of your exhibit is missed. Each exhibit is exact. From the time you are assigned a project manager to the delivery of your goods back to your headquarters, our project managers are available 24/7.


Once your timelines are in place and teams assigned, the project goes into full production. Whether you have contracted a simple modular build or customized exhibit, all elements are fabricated in our Las Vegas workshops. Each craftsman, electrician, and lighting designer is selected with over a decade of experience in delivering exhibits to the Las Vegas trade show industry.


All installation and dismantle labor is insured and we are fully licensed. Each exhibit is managed by your project managers to meet your exact specifications and all shipping and handling locally are complimentary from our secure storage to the trade show floor.

June 11, 2019
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