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Las Vegas Exhibit Builder Size Guide begs the question, does size REALLY matter on the trade show floor? Las Vegas Trade Show Company would like to offer some guidance on exhibit size as it relates to your industry and the projected ROI of your trade show. There is no simple answer. Sometimes size really does matter at a show, and other times, the smaller booth delivers a better ROI. Below are some size and budget guidelines to help navigate you to the correct booth rental or custom purchase. A few considerations you should take into account before renting or purchasing are budget, trade show calendar, storage, and trade show labor available for shows.

Las Vegas Exhibit Builder Trade Show Considerations

Do you have a regular trade show calendar? If yes, then you should consider a custom booth, ONLY IF, your product and trade show goal is singular and related to brand awareness. Many years with the same booth, without much change. Companies who are well established and are looking to reconnect with industry professionals can succeed multiple years with this type of booth.
Do you have storage and labor available for a booth? If you have available labor and storage space for a custom exhibit, then purchasing a custom exhibit is a good option. If you have trade show goals that vary, such as product or new service launches, you can add custom elements to your trade show exhibit as needed.

Exhibit Rental and Custom Exhibit Size Guide

Whether you are a renter or custom buyer, the size of your booth is determined by your budget and your trade show needs. The below size recommendations are based on industry and exposure, rather than single or multiple uses. If you are unsure of your projected usage and would like to discuss the options with a trade show professional, a member of our team can walk you through your options.

10 x 10 Las Vegas Exhibit Rental

The 10 x 10 Las Vegas Exhibit Rental is a great choice for brand looking to stay relevant in an industry and retain clients. It is also a good size if you are looking to announce or test a new product or service. Single product displays and integrated AV is possible in a 10 x 10 exhibit and one seating configuration, but very little else. If you are trying to close deals, this is going to be a bit small. A marketing campaign supplementing this exhibit is integral to impressions if you are product launching or testing. Keep a budget for a 10 x 10 at around $15,000.

10 x 20

The 10 x 20 Las Vegas Exhibit Rental or Custom is THE booth of 2019 worldwide. It fits in nearly all exhibit venues and is easy to install and dismantle. It is less expensive than the 20 x 20, but the only thing it really lacks is the overhead signage. We recommend a budget of around $20,000. This booth is great for product displays and sales presentations with areas for both.

20 x 20

The 20 x 20 Las Vegas Exhibit Rental affords you long range signage, demo space, conference room space, and an island configuration. It is a stand out booth, whose space in itself makes a statement. You can spend less on the customizations and make more on the impressions, simply due to the raw space. In this instance, bigger is better, however it comes at a very high ticket price for the raw space.

For raw space, the 20 x 20 is going to be the least affordable. If you have a trade show calendar that is in multiple locations a custom exhibit of this configuration, would not be practical, however if you are renting, you can use your budget on sales personal and promotional materials. With a 10 x 20 exhibit that is customized to your brand specifications, you really do have the best of both worlds, since it can be converted when you change shows. We have delivered hundreds of exhibits already this year, and as one of the top Las Vegas exhibit builders, we highly recommend the 10 x 20 with a $25,000 budget.
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