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Testimonial from the The International Surface Event in Las Vegas

The team at roomvo recently attended The International Surface Event in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and hired us as their Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC.) Here’s what they had to say about their booth and the service our team provided. “I wanted to send a note to thank you and your team for all your great work and support throughout the process. We had a great show, and everyone on my team was very happy how our…

Las Vegas Exhibit Builder Size Guide

Las Vegas Exhibit Builder Size Guide

Las Vegas Exhibit Builder Size Guide begs the question, does size REALLY matter on the trade show floor? Las Vegas Trade Show Company would like to offer some guidance on exhibit size as it relates to your industry and the projected ROI of your trade show. There is no simple answer. Sometimes size really does matter at a show, and other times, the smaller booth delivers a better ROI. Below are some size and budget guidelines to help navigate you…

Las Vegas Trade Show Company SEMA
Exhibit Rentals

Las Vegas Trade Show Company SEMA Las Vegas Guide

Las Vegas Trade Show Company SEMA Guide SEMA Las Vegas! Car enthusiasts and lovers of iconoclastic automobiles unite at this annual trade show, celebrating the automobile and ushering in new business practices and technologies to the industry. It is one of Las Vegas’s biggest trade shows and our teams are already working on some of the best exhibits on the floor.  If you have not booked your exhibit yet, contact our team first for the best advice on where to…

IMEX Las Vegas 2019
Exhibit Rentals

Local Las Vegas IMEX 2019 Exhibit Design and Fabrication

IMEX 2019 Exhibits are available now for rush delivery for the IMEX 2019 tradeshow. Below are just a few reasons to attend and exhibit, and the best way to exhibit is with a local Las Vegas exhibit house. Las Vegas Trade Show Company can design, fabricate, and deliver an IMEX exhibit in under 45 days. This show is the premier show for travel planners and exhibits will be out of the box, full of imagination, and will need to impress…

how to be an exhibitor
Trade Shows

How to Be an Exhibitor

How to Be an Exhibitor Firstly, if you’re asking the question how to enter trade shows or how to be an exhibitor, you probably have something outstanding you’re ready to show off. Whether it’s your equipment business or online business, as an exhibitor, you have the ability to show off your stuff to thousands of people at trade shows. Here’s a brief list that explains how to be an exhibitor if it’s your first time: Network: It’s time to bring…

lv exhibit rentals
Exhibit Rentals

LV Exhibit Rentals

LV Exhibit Rentals What comes to your mind when you picture the perfect LV exhibit rentals? Sometimes they’re double deck exhibits, sometimes they’re inline or island style exhibits. People often dream about their business goals and how they want others to picture their business. It’s not unusual to have a very particular image in your mind of what you want your business to look like. This image includes the branding: logos, colors, and themes, just for example. If you’re thinking…

trade shows
Trade Shows

Trade Shows

The Las Vegas Trade Show Company will now begin to show a list of selected trade shows for your convenience. Right from our website’s Trade Shows section, located on the menu, you will be able to track and or research upcoming events. Currently the Trade Shows section will display on events in Las Vegas, but there are many more updates to come. Trade shows are not only a chance to go out, have fun, and experience products and other business’s…

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